Rock Support Column

If you have to have a support column, why not jazz it up a bit.

When we bought our lake place, it was in need of a lot of TLC. There was a support column the needed to remain, near the kitchen/dining room. I don’t have a pic of the original, but let me paint you a visual image. The wood column was painted peach color. There was a large, plastic flower pot around the base of it. Out of the flower pot was fake ivy winding around the column up to the ceiling. Yeah, I hope you can erase that image from your brain.

We removed the “accessories” and painted it white.

I had an idea for a rock column and a couple years later decided to give it a try.

We bought bags of rock from the hardware store. Note: I had to wash the rock to get the rock dust off it and bring out the beautiful colors. That was a big job!

My first idea was to use cardboard tubes around the pole to attach the rock.

Scratch that idea as the tubes were too big. Add rock on them and they would have been way too big for our space.

Made a run to the hardware store for chicken wire. Wrapped that around the pole and stapled it to keep it in place.

I brought in buckets of rock and used premixed mortar as my adhesive. Each rock was hand selected so there would be random colors and even sizing around the pole. Very tedious!

By the end of the day I was not much further than the above picture. My back ached.

And, I was tired of picking and looking for the “perfect” rock. This is good, though, as you only want to do a small portion each day so it can set up before getting too heavy.

Fast forward a few days and I had made progress. A little mortar on the chicken wire, then a little mortar on each rock. Push it in place and work your way up. You have to look for the right sized rock for each area so there are no large gaps.

A couple years later and our rock column looks great. It has held up well. It is as solid as….well, as a ROCK! haha

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