Solo Cup Speakers?

Kids will love this one!

So, I was really bored one afternoon and happened upon a Facebook post about making iPhone speakers out of red solo cups and a few other items. Hmmmm….I wonder if they really work……and I wonder if I have everything to make them?

Well, I didn’t have red solo cups but my pastel colored ones were more fun anyways.

I cut holes in the solo cups big enough to fit the toilet paper roll through. Don’t mind the yellow straw looking thing in the picture. That is just a super secret outer space light beam that sometimes shows up in my pictures.

Next I cut a slit in the toilet paper roll that would fit my iPhone.

I put it all together. Toilet paper roll between the solo cups, with the slit facing up. Really easy, probably didn’t even need me to tell you that…..

The verdict? Yes, it really does amplify the sound. Do I still use it? Nope, tried it. It worked. Went back to our regular Bluetooth speakers. But it did entertain me for the afternoon, until it was acceptable to start drinking wine.

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