Really Cool Lake Signs


I saw a post on Pinterest with cool lake signs made from old wood. Here is the picture that inspired me from Pinterest.

Naturally i though…..I can make that! It just so happened that we were rebuilding our old deck at our lake place. So, we had lots of deck boards that were very weathered. Perfect! I picked the ones i wanted and had my handy husband cut them to the size i wanted.

2014-05-04 10.07.24

Next, i bought paint in the colors i wanted my signs, a lakey blue and a minty blue. I decided to just make 2 signs, not 3. Ok, now i am ready to paint. I painted very lightly to not completely cover the wood. This gave it a “used” look even though it was freshly painted.

Steve used a thin piece of wood nailed to the backs to hold the pieces together. Each sign used 3 deck boards.

I bought the metal tie downs on Amazon, super cheap. Side note: Amazon is my favorite place to shop! Steve just screwed one to the exact middle of each sign.

For the pictures, I took random snapshots around our lake place. You can use pics of your kids, your home, your favorite vacation spot…anything really.

I uploaded them to and had them printed (4×6) in black and white.

Steve cut thin pieces of wood an inch larger all around than the snapshots. (6×8). Lastly I stained them.

I found the 4×6 thin plastic covers in the picture frame section of Hobby Lobby.

We tacked the stained pieces of wood, pictures and plastic pieces over the pictures with a couple of old screws we found in his odds and ends bucket.

* Be careful not to tighten the screws too much or the plastic may crack.

All in all, I am very happy with how my signs turned out. I’d call this a Pinterest Success!

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