Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

This one is pretty easy and looks really great. We were given a couple pieces of old barn wood from my brother-in-law and knew we had to make something with it. So… about a piece for the wall?

We basically did nothing with the wood except stain it. We left all the flaws as they were. My original project had pictures I took around town in black frames hanging from the wire. I didn’t care for that so changed it up a few months later. 

You could hang pictures, letters, numbers….or wine bottles? Now that would be cool. 

We used screws left a little bit out of the wood and wound picture wire from them in various lengths. 

I found the tin letters at Hobby Lobby. They have great half price sales often so I got them pretty cheap. I hooked the wire to the hanger part of the back of the letters. 

They hang turned slightly in a random way, which I think looks pretty cool. 

The really cool shelves underneath the wall art will be another blog soon. First I need to drink some wine so I have bottles for a future project. Cheers!

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