Natural Wood Shelving

If you read my Reclaimed Wood  Wall Art post, you saw that I said I would post the super cool shelves below it soon. Well, now is the time. 

The wood for these shelves is oak. Steve cut slabs from an oak tree in the saw mill. These were a few smaller pieces that were perfect shelf size. 

First, he cut even edges on one side, leaving the front side natural. We scraped the bark off and smoothed the ragged, rough spots. That was it, then just stained them.  

I love, love the natural edges of the shelves!

Between the shelves are 6″ steel pipe, cut to the size we chose for spacing. The bottom pieces are only 3″ tall. Because the edges are ragged, we bought rubber car door edging to clip around the bottom of the steel pipes so they wouldn’t scratch the floors. 

We simply set the tubes on the wood and added the next shelf. If they were made for someone else, we’d probably secure the pipes to each shelf. 

Lesson learned: put the rubber edging around all edges, not just the one touching the floor. When dusting around the edges of the pipe, I found out there were some sharp edges. 

This is one of our favorite pieces!

It is perfect for holding special souvenirs from our and some of our friends and families trips around the world. 

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