Firewood Storage

This post is not really a “how-to”, but more of an idea how you can use your imagination and make something out of almost anything. 

So, there was a larger piece of wood that wasn’t going in the wood mill. We needed/wanted (such a fine line between need and want…haha) a new place to keep our firewood beside the wood burning stove at the lake. 

Sanded down the big chunk of tree, took bark off, and poly’d it. Steve welded metal tubing as the place to hold the wood and attached it to the underneath side of the wood “table”. 

I had an idea to fill the sides with metal circles. It turned out that was a bit much, so we settled on a few randomly placed metal circles. Much better. 

A view from the top. It fits perfectly in our space and is a stylish way to keep firewood in the house. 

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