imageMore often than not, when my husband Steve and I (Lisa) see a cool piece of furniture, knick knack,sign, decoration…..we don’t say “Oh, let’s buy that”….we say “Oooohhhh, we can make that. Take a picture of it,” Steve is a great woodworker and all around Macgyver type of guy. I am fond of arts and crafts projects and a very good woodworker’s helper.

In our spare time Steve loves playing around in his workshop, or welding stuff, or working in his sawmill. I have a small candle business that i tinker with, try my hand at some fun DIY craft projects and drink wine.

We made this blog to inspire others to make something out of scrap pieces or random items you find or occasionally have to buy. On the plus side, you can learn from our mistakes…Which do happen. But in the end, our projects usually, almost always, mostly turn out good.